I have been to several chiropractors over the past 20 years and she is the first to take into consideration my desire to continue an active lifestyle while receiving treatment.

She genuinely cares and understands the physical and mental aspect of pain and injury and offered a realistic plan to get me back on my feet, back in the gym and back to lifting weights. Never once did she rush a visit or discourage me from practicing my craft but instead helped me understand and change my movement patterns.

Dr. Collier is a true professional. I would recommend her to anyone seeking chiropractic care for pain/injury management, athletic activities as well as everyday health and well-being.

– Emily Bautista-Herdt

I am an avid Crossfit athlete. I am also a busy mom. I train hard, I play hard and having any injury is very difficult to adjust to. Over the past year I have had a back and shoulder injury. I have spent thousands on physical therapy, x-rays, MRI’s, dr’s appointments. Nothing seemed to work. I was starting to come to terms that I just won’t be able to lift or perform the way that I want to. I decided I would try a different route as I had tried everything else. 

Dr. Collier has a different approach than most chiropractors. First she is an athlete herself so she understands what it means and how the body is supposed to move. She believes in treating to get you back to where you need to be, not to treat indefinitely. 

She ran me through some simple movement tests and discovered some major muscle imbalances. Those imbalances were causing my shoulder to compensate for muscles that were working correctly. Which was causing my body to change its muscle patterns, which was causing the pain in different areas. She worked with me over a couple weeks with treatment and home exercises to correct it. I cannot believe I have no shoulder pain at all. I am finally 100% back. Dr. Collier has also developed a team of colleagues that she can call on to help in the treatment plan such as massage therapists, acupuncturist, and sports trainers.  

I highly recommend Dr. Collier; I trust her knowledge, her approach and care.

– Lisa Bergey

I have had excellent care from Christie Collier for myself and my family! I have seen many chiropractors in my life and Christie ranks as one of the best and most thorough. I most recently was battling foot and pelvis issues that kept me from walking (after being an active athlete and running since childhood). I got an excellent start on healing through physical therapy and podiatrist visits, as well as prolotherapy and acupuncture (over a year and a half), but Christie's adjustments and soft-tissue work helped me re-align and got me back to hiking, running, and skiing! She not only adjusted my back and neck, but adjusted my ankles and feet- resolving some residual pain in only a visit or two!  Christie Collier also did excellent trigger point and deep tissue work to help release an old pelvic injury. I cannot recommend her care enough for anyone with aches and pains, injury recovery, or just an active lifestyle! My 3 active kids have benefited from her adjustments, and she has great personal interaction with them. I'll let my husband, Marco G Aurilio make his own attestment, but I have seen how Christie's attention to detail has helped his recovery process before and after knee surgery. Christie's home education has also been helpful for my whole body (when I am disciplined enough to do it). I appreciate all Christie has done for our family!

– Danelle Aurilio

Christie has been wonderful to work with. She has helped multiple people in my family with the final stages of healing and getting back to our active lifestyles! Christie listens well and continually checks in for progress and feedback. She is very personable and she has a caring and professional approach to getting you back at your activities with minimal visits. Our insurance covered the majority of the visits which was an added bonus for our family. We are blessed to have such fantastic resources like Collier Chiropractic in the Upper Valley to help us maintain our health and wellness with active lifestyles!

Thanks Christie, 
– The Stefanko's

I first went to Christie in 2014 after injuring myself while training for a half marathon. While I was extremely worried that I would not be able to participate in the run (I injured myself the week of the run) and in plenty of pain in my lower back and hip, Christie calmly and professionally analyzed my body movements to determine the root of my injury. With Christie's treatment and recommendations I was able to participate in the run successfully and I have been back to Christie as needed ever since. My experience with Christie has been exceptional, I appreciate all that she has done for me in an effort to enjoy life!

– Erin Melton Oltman

Finding Christie and her excellent chiropractic work right here in Leavenworth was such a wonderful thing! Her combo of a deep understanding of both athletes and movement and the human body make her an excellent choice for me. Often, when I have a problem that doesn't really budge with other modalities from yoga to allopathic medicine to acupuncture, Christie can go to the heart of the problem and work it out.

– Sandra De Witt-Phenning

Collier chiropractic is such a nice and inviting space. Christie is always so welcoming...And of course who can't wait to see her pups bohdi and benson when u get there!! Christie always worked magic on my body and was always super gentle, when I first saw her I was very skeptical to get my neck adjusted and she was always patient and was understanding. After the first adjustment I wasn't skeptical at all and it was always easy to let her work on me!

– Jennifer Lischka

I went to Christie after I had suffered for 5 months with shoulder pain. I had been told by one opinion unneeded surgery. After a thorough exam, Christie went to work on me. She isolated a few spots and prescribed frequency based on progress. After about 6 weeks of care 1 to 2 times per week, I was not experiencing pain. It has been over a year since I had treatment and I am still pain free with increased range of motion.  
She truly looks for the cause - does not try to treat the symptoms and gets results!!! Top Notch!!!

– Cassie Benedict Smith

My 10 year old daughter's neck had bothered her for two years. I was very hesitant to have a growing spine manipulated and first tried massage with no improvement to the pain in her neck. A few years ago, Dr. Collier helped my neck pain and so I called her explaining my hesitance with manipulating a young spine. Dr. Collier received my apprehension with grace at the same time mentioning that she wished more people would attend to spine issues in youth before the issue sets in and becomes chronic. Turns out my daughter had, at the age of eight, mimicked a wrestler from WWE and popped her own neck out of joint/alignment. When we arrived, Dr. Collier showed us that my daughter was a compensated mess with her right hip forward, her spine curved from "functional scoliosis", her right wing (shoulder bone?) wacky and her neck out of place...what I thought was muscle tension and tried to massage was actually sensitive vertebrae. Dr. Collier did her thing and we left with no more lumps in my daughter's neck, a straight spine, shoulder wing and hip. The visit blew my mind. We went back and after two soccer games, the adjustment had stayed in place. Our third visit has proven just as successful and from here visits will depend on how my daughter feels. The attention that Dr. Collier paid to the sensitivity of dealing with a child is exceptional. The utter relief and relaxation that my daughter feels while at the cool office is awesome. Hindsight is worth a lot...I won't wait two years again. Thank you, Dr. Collier :)!

– Wendy Leclezio Flanagan

Finding Christie and her excellent chiropractic work right here in Leavenworth was such a wonderful thing! Her combo of a deep understanding of both athletes and movement and the human body make her an excellent choice for me. Often, when I have a problem that doesn't really budge with other modalities from yoga to allopathic medicine to acupuncture, Christie can go to the heart of the problem and work it out.

– Sandra Phenning

Christie has been a tremendous help for my low back pain. She also has been amazing with my 13 year old son and his back and neck pain. I would recommend her to anyone!

– Jennifer Barber

Christie knows her stuff and has helped me multiple times work through sports related injuries. Her mix of chiropractics and physical therapy has helped me recover quickly and do what I love.

– Karlye R

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She has the perfect balance of gentle, yet strong and thorough. I would recommend Dr. Collier to anyone. Thank you for being so awesome! 

Melanie Pfeifle

Dr. Collier is the best! She always takes the time to figure out what's hurting and gets me relief after all my adjustments! She is very welcoming and friendly! And her office is awesome! Wouldn't go anywhere else in town!

– Kori Jo Gere

Great experience with Christie. Loved the painless adjustment she did and left with some helpful tips for treating my sore muscles. I highly recommend her for the Cashmere and upper valley area.

Blossom Schur

Dr Collier is great at fixing and helping prevent injuries. Not only in every day life but helping with fitness goals and working to constantly improve your quality of life. Thank you for all you do.

Jon Hetterle

Christie is amazing! I had thrown my back out and could not walk for 3 days. Christie adjusted my back and I was able to walk right out of her office. She is extremely professional and easy to communicate with.

– Michele Rondeau Hughes

Christie is the best. She truly cares about her patients.. I had tried many places and different techniques but she has been the only one who has helped me with my numbness. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

– Tina Valentine

Highly recommend Collier Chiropractic! Christie is very easy to work with and does amazing work!

– Alisha Lewman

So stoked to finally get some work done in an attempt to improve mobility! Awesome first experience!

– Mary Ireland

Dr. Collier is very thorough and caring. She listens, makes helpful suggestions and offers realistic solutions.

– Mark Elperro

I been pain free all day after seeing you! Amazing!

– Moises Becerra Alfar