Movement Is Important

From the moment that human beings evolved, we were moving. Whether to track down our next meal or to avoid being that for another creature, we kept our bodies going. Obesity was not an issue because physical activity was so common-that is, until recent generations when the most we tend to move is from chair to chair.

Our bodies are made for a full range of motions, and sitting all day isn't good for them. Studies have shown that sitting too much can lead to:

Lowered metabolism.

Increased risk of back pain.

Drop in healthy cholesterol.

Elevated increase in risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers state that sitting too much is even worse than not exercising enough! 

Why is movement so important? It's what our bodies were designed to do. With every movement, complex systems are put into place; it's not just one muscle that makes your body move. When speaking about children and movement, we refer to it as gross motor skills, and moving those large muscles helps a child to grow appropriately and gain balance and coordination. Even once grown, if we don't use our muscles regularly, they will begin to atrophy and not work for you as well as needed. 

If you have a job that has you sitting a majority of the time, schedule a few minutes each hour to get up and move. Walk around the office, go grab a drink of water, or walk outside. Talk on the phone while "pacing" in your office. Do little stretches from time to time. 

After work, plan time to play! Go for a walk, ride, or swim; spend some time at the gym; throw the ball with your child or dog. Anything you can do to get your body moving as it was built to do will pay off in keeping you healthy! 

Christie Collier